Rob Allen ZULU Railgun Spearguns

Rob Allen Zulu Speargun

The Rob Allen "ZULU" Railgun speargun is the ultimate in speargun technology, offering a powerful, fast, well balanced rig with the added bonus of being streamlined enough to appeal to those who prefer to hunt their fish at greater depth or in adverse conditions.

Railguns are unique in the sense that they have an extended "rail" incorporated into the Carbon Fiber barrel for the full length of the shaft. This rail supports the spear the full length of the barrel and continues on into the muzzle. The rail barrel tube is also much stiffer and stronger than a normal tube because it is thicker-walled and is slightly larger diameter.

The result is a gun that is remarkably light in the water, enabling the spearo to relax and subsequently reach far greater depths in the hunt for a wide range of target species.

Blue Camo Muzzle and Handle

Green Camo Muzzle and Handle

The Rob Allen ZULU model Spearguns come with two (2) 5/8" dia. Blue colored Rob Allen Rubber Bands with line wishbones, open muzzle, carbon fiber barrel with integrated rail, 9/32" (7mm) shaft with single barb/flopper on the bottom and 400lb mono with age-free thumb-clip bungee.

Available in 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm and 140cm and your choice of Blue or Green Camo.