UK C8 Light Cannon eLED L1 Dive Light- Pistol Grip

UK C8 Light Cannon eLED L1 Dive Light- Pistol Grip  - Click to view larger

It starts with a unique dual power electronic circuit to control the matched pair of 5-watt white LEDs. Polarized battery contact plates make it possible to interchange individual battery cells and rechargeable packs as well as prevent potentially dangerous reverse battery insertion.

The rubber lens guard, non-breakable locking switch and interchangeable handles are examples of diver hardened construction throughout. The C8 eLED Plus is the brightest in its class, perfect for piercing the darkness and looking into the great unknown.

UK C8 Light Cannon eLED L1 Dive Light w/ Pistol Grip Features:

  • High-intensity 10-watt twin LED module with propriety conductive cooling element shines brighter underwater
  • Burn time of 10 hours in water & 4 hours in air,
  • 170/60 (High/Low)Lumens in brightness
  • Switch between full and half power to extend battery life
  • Size is 7.2 x 3.2 inches
  • Weight is 39 ounces on land.
  • 8 C-cell batteries included
  • eLED circuitry insures constant brightness throughout the battery life
  • Available in high-vis fluorescent yellow
  • Pistol grip handle
  • Depth rated to 500 feet