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Freediving and Spearfishing Education

A collection of articles about spearfishing, freediving, essential gear and techniques.

Special Feature

How's the Diving on the Big Island of Hawaii? - Updated Continuously!
Rob's dive journal on recent free diving adventures in and around the islands.


Equipment for Blue Water Spearfishing in Hawaii
Do I need to upgrade my gear to go Blue Water spearfishing or can I use what I already have?

Conditioning Your Lungs for Better Freediving
Rob discusses routines for training your lungs and diaphragm to improve your diving.

Dive Flags
Dive flags are an important part of a diver's safety gear. Their use is also required by law. Don't wait for a boating accident or close call to get equipped!

Choosing a Speargun on a Budget
Some advice on choosing the appropriate speargun based on what you will be using it for.

Which diving mask is the best for you?
Out of all the masks on the market, how do you find the right one? You need to narrow it down. Rob gives some tips and insights into choosing a mask for freediving.

Which freediving or spearfishing book is the best for you?
Rob recalls the ancient times before the dawn of books and videos on spearfishing and freediving, and explains how everyone can learn something from diving into their pages.

Speargun Reality Check - Comparing Speargun Specifications
Dive through the marketing hype and learn to assess and compare the true specifications and features of different makes and models of spearguns.

Bang Stick Techniques and Safety Precautions
While useful as a self-defense tool against aggressive marine animals, there are some crucial safety precautions to keep in mind when carrying a Bang Stick.

Hawaii Fish Migration Calendar
Will the big fish be around, the next time you're in town? This calendar shows the migration cycles for various species in Hawaii.

Spearfishing World Records
Just what the title says. Maybe your record catch will soon be listed here?

Rob's Riffe
Rob discusses the in's and out's of his personal Riffe Competitor 4X spearfishing setup. More spearfishing tech tips >>

Competitive Spearfishing and Freediving
Rob's thoughts about competing for those that have heard of or thought about competing, but had reservations about it.

Four Essential Elements to Improve Your Bottom Time
Not everyone is aware that you can increase your bottom time by using the right gear.

Dive Suit Care And Maintenance Instructions
Getting the maximum performance and longevity out of your wet suit.

Wetsuits 101
What makes a superior diving suit? Brian provides some insight into the history and evolution of the diving suit.

Blue Water Hunting Successfully
How to lure fish, hunting techniques, use and selection of equipment, and diver safety.

Preparing a New Mask for Use
Learn the tricks to keeping a new mask from fogging.

Dive Knife Safety
The importance of carrying a knife with you on EVERY dive, and how to use one.